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This site is dedicated to the usd to cad rate and covers all the factors which can affect the Canadian Dollar, and the usd to cad conversion rate.  The Canadian Dollar is perhaps one of the most interesting currencies both to analyse and also to forecast due principally to the underlying Canadian economy which relies heavily on the vast natural resources of the Northern Territories, primarily oil but also includes gold and diamonds.

As such forecasting the usd to cad exchange rate can be particularly difficult over the longer term because it is largely dependent on so many variable factors and, in addition, is so closely linked to the supply/curve for crude oil .  As a result the Canadian dollar is often referred as a “Comm Dollar” a shortened form of “commodity dollar” given its correlation and relationship with the commodities market.

In order to try and forecast the market direction for the usd to cad rate not only do we need to consider the fundamental and technical aspects of the pair but we also need to study the dynamics of the commodity markets and the broader macro economic picture.  As a full time forex and commodity trader myself I write regular commentaries and forecasts for both the forex and commodity markets, and in particular trade both the usd to cad as well as oil, gold and silver.  You can find details of my latest commentaries by simply following the links: forex signals usd to cad, oil price analysis & gold trading analysis.

In addition as you will see I have included several articles on the site which I hope give you a broader understanding of the various factors affecting the usd to cad exchange rate, both in the short term and over a longer time scale.  For those of you looking for the latest usd to cad conversion rate I have included a currency converter usd to cad, which will provide you with the latest usd to cad rate.

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