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Live Charting, Streaming News, Economic Data & Much More

As I’m sure you know, I have been upgrading all my sites to provide as much information for you, and as well as the regular updates on all the currency pairs, we have recently added a host of new features to the site which I hope you will find useful in your currency trading.

First we have added live currency charts, which cover a huge range of currency pairs, including all the majors, the crosses, the exotics and many that you may never have come across. In all there are over 70 pairs to choose from including many of the Arabian currencies. To change the timescale of the chart simply hover your mouse over the chart and in the right hand corner the options menu will appear, from which you can select the options required. Next we have added an economic calendar which provides all the daily economic and fundamental news for the day and the next few weeks. Major news announcements are highlighted with an explanation and link to the issuing authority. Checking which markets are closed can be an issue, so we have added a page which provides a list of all the national holidays for every country for the year, making it easy to check which markets are open and which are closed.

For the latest currency news we have added a TV video channel, which is updated twice a day, with a morning briefing session, followed by a lunchtime review. The morning session covers the main economic news of the day, and the later session reviews the markets with volume trends, bullish or bearish sentiment, and likely moves in the currency markets. For more general news we have added a live news page, which provides streaming news across a variety of markets. Finally if you need help in choosing your fx broker, we have added a new page to help you, and my own personal view is always to have your currency trading account with an ECN broker if possible, as this allows you to trade against the market, and not against the broker.